Terms & Conditions

These terms and conditions detail rights and obligations of Globex IT Solutions for its services to be rendered and undertaken for its clients.

Deposits, Fees, and Taxes

You (customer) have to pay a deposit of 50% of the quoted amount so that we can proceed with your campaign or other services. The remaining amount is immediately due after successful completion of services.

It may be subject to your “approval” and “rejection” of work. Details are available below. Globex IT Solutions can stop any action until the payment of due deposit.

Remember that this deposit is non-refundable unless we failed to fulfill our duties under the terms of a contract. If you terminate the contract without our fault after the initiation of the project, we are not liable to make any refund of payment made toward a work requested or campaign.

Clients, at their expense, should pay, be liable for any discharge, any license fees, sales, business, use, and other taxes and assessment levied or charged by a reason under their agreement.

Source of Information

For successful completion of work according to the agreement, you are ready to supply relevant information and materials of your business, goals, and target market to Globex IT Solutions for your marketing campaign. In case of a delay in providing business information and materials, we are not liable for delay in the accomplishment of work. We can extend the agreed-upon time limit as per our convenience.

Moreover, the work is delayed because of your failure in the delivery of information; therefore, we can invoice you for any completed section of the project.

We will not accept any responsibility for a delay because you are unsuccessful to supply information promptly.

Always remember that our timeline estimates depend upon the 100 percent cooperation of our clients. We need your consistent feedback during development so that we can start subsequent phases of your project.

Hence, you should appoint a representative for quick communication with our professionals. We may need this person daily to maintain the successful growth of the project for its on-time completion.

Policy for Revisions

If you have valid reasons, feel free to ask for revisions on a project throughout its progress. Though, we have the right to set a reasonable limit for revisions. We can charge for extra changes made beyond the original specifications of a design.

Work Approval

Along with asking for revisions during the development phases of a project, you will always get a chance to review a project after its completion before approving the final project.

We allow you to take seven days to review the project and notify us of any possible modifications that you need. After seven days, we will believe that the work has been approved, and after approval, whether directly or indirectly, you can’t reject it.

After seven days, we will believe that the project is complete, and the remaining balance is due immediately.

Intellectual Property

If you want us to include any trademarks, logos, graphics, and copy in your applications, websites or other projects we commence for you, make sure to take necessary permissions.

You are responsible for underwriting us from possible claims of legal actions against our agency linking to your website’s content or our created work.

Search Engines

We don’t promise any particular position in the SERPs (search engine result pages). We follow best practices for SEO (search engine optimization) for the best results.

We always try to create an impressive site, software or any other product.


After receiving all due monies, we provide you with a license to use the content of your website and the website for its lifespan.

If you are not getting your license, it means your amount is due.


We guarantee that you can trust us for your confidential information. We will not disclose even a small piece of your confidential data to a third party.

Extra Expenses

By signing a contract, you agree to repay us for any additional expenditure requested that are not comprised of an original proposal.

You may get examples of these expenses, but these are not restricted to the acquisition of third-party software packages, website templates, domain name registration, stock photographs, web hosting charges or other relevant expenses.

You can’t deny the payment of extra expenses.

Backup of Data

You are only responsible for maintaining your website backups. We are not liable to restore lost data of the client, except in specific cases where our negligence or omission is involved in data loss.

Compatibility of Browser

We use relevant and current content management systems. With these systems, we always attempt to certify that our created website is compatible with modern browsers, such as Safari, Firefox, Google Chrome, and the latest Internet Explorer.

Moreover, sites, designed by us, are compatible with smart devices like smartphone, tablets, etc.


If you want us to create an e-commerce site, it is your responsibility to comply with relevant e-commerce regulations following national and federal laws.

Moreover, you guarantee to stay harmless and secure Globex IT Solutions along with its subcontractors from losses or claims arising from the use of electronic commerce by you or your clients. We are not responsible for any damage to the use of e-commerce websites.

If we find you are abusing our services or products in any way, we may, terminate your contract and have right to take legal and/or technical steps to prevent you from the use of these services. Globex IT Solutions always uses its best possible resources to deliver optimum services.

In case of any error because of your negligence in the delivery of information, we are not liable for any damages. 

Note: Carefully read these terms and conditions before working with us. It is an agreement between Globex IT Solutions and its clients. Users must agree with these regulations to use our services. We can terminate a contract without notice after finding anything objectionable. Fail to make payment of services or products; unless you give a valid reason, Globex IT Solutions has the right to terminate your contract. 

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