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social media marketing

One of the biggest human weakness is being impatient.

We prefer speed dating, like fast foods, use emojis instead of words, pay overnight shipping, and show everything on social media without thinking what the end outcome is. Won’t it be amazing to leave an impact on 3.3B social media users?

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The world is moving forward with an exceptional rate. Every few days there is a new technology in place and it’s becoming frustrating to keep pace. That’s why you get on social media without a clear goal in your mind.

But if you own a business then the scenario is different. You cannot leave social media behind.

Social media is a powerful medium to attract & engage users. It’s a global medium with a wide range of opportunities for brands to interact with potential customers and help them get what they need.

The major social media platforms you see today once were used to connect with friends and family. Now, brands use it to engage and interact with their potential customers. This transformation changed the way we use social media. Brands now must sit down and devise a social media strategy to beat the competition.


Users of today use social media to rate brands, buy products and watch all the social media advertising that is making it easy for them to buy products without regretting it.

The social media platforms nowadays provide diversified opportunities to target customers regardless of worrying about the location of the customer. Therefore, social media optimization plays a vital role in the success of any brand.

Social media marketing provides a clear-cut opportunity for buyers to connect with customers. Engage the customer, tune-in the customer with the personality of the brand.

As a marketer, it’s necessary to learn social media promotion and how to use social media to drive demand, engage the potential customer and create value for the users.

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How Social Media for Business can value Customer Lifecycle?

Unlike brand awareness & influencer engagement, the benefits of social media marketing are not just limited to a soft metrics-only channel. In fact, social media advertising is driving revenue which can be tracked easily.

With the analytics needs of the customers can easily be figured out. The good thing with social media marketing campaigns is that the target audience can be reached without putting up much effort.

It’s not just a one-way communication medium. In fact, brands can fully-interact to and fro without any boundaries. However, if you track these social media platforms you make a big impact on the users.

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Social Media Platforms & how to make the most of them?

There are various social media platforms that you can use to engage & reach your potential audience.

In this social media guide, we will discuss the most popular social media platforms which have helped brands target customers and generate sales for diversified audience segments.

As you might have noticed that whatever social media marketing platforms you choose there are buyers for each platform. There is no one-way success medium. Your customer is on every medium, therefore, you must do the same.

Social media marketing services are targeting customers by understanding the buying customer cycle. The key is to understand the triggers. From Awareness, Consideration, right till the Decision stage.

As you navigate in the social media landscape, you will realize that it’s not just a necessity, it’s a matter of survival. To learn and understand the capabilities and features of each social media channel. How to leverage each channel to benefit the most from it?


Here are some of the social media marketing tools that can skyrocket your sales and engage potential customers.
Let’s start with Facebook. But before we dive into the discussion let us first understand how Facebook Algorithm works.

This is how the Facebook Algorithm works

You might have noticed the changes that are done in Facebook algorithm over time. These changes have had an impact on impressions, and how brands interact with clients.

The core purpose of Facebook is to remain user-friendly and for that, the platform must make sure that the news-feed is filled with relevant updates for the audience. Show stories that matter to them.


During all of this, how do you make sure that updates from your brand are read? Overly promotional content often leads to a decrease in page’s distribution over time.

This is how you can overcome these issues:

First, time spends on reading the post. Previously, brands used to steal the time of their users by running contests which force users to like, share, and comment on posts. Which is now ineffective.

Facebook monitors each second that is spent on the post and compares it to the time spent on the other post. Actual Time spent on each content.

When your content is fully loaded Facebook starts the clock. If the content is relevant, timely, and valuable to the user, the audience will read the content and the Facebook algorithm will mark it as important.


What about Videos? People don’t normally like, share, or comment on videos as they do for posts. For videos, it’s about how long did the person watch the video, whether the sound was turned on or off.

Whether the video was watched in full-HD or nor. To stay relevant the best advice is to remain humorous, educational, and engage users with something they would love to share with their friends.

The diversity in each post. Over time, Facebook realized that people love reading a variety of posts. Rather than repeating the same format which reduces the interest of the audience, it’s advised that the content type should be varied. You’ll learn more about diversification in the scaling of content.

Everyone is smart. No one cares about click-baits.

Click-baiting is when the publisher tries to fool the audience with a misleading headline and put something different in the content of the post. Instead of trying to mislead the audience, use a sense of urgency, numbers, or ask a question to engage your audience.

click baits

The engineers at Facebook have trained the algorithms to analyze click-bait headlines and compare it with the content of the post. If the headlines are found a click-bait Facebook will automatically limit its reach.

The Facebook algorithm is smartly designed to pick phrases which are commonly used as click-baits and stop showing the headlines in the news feed of people.

Smart Facebook marketing is all about scaling your content. I have gathered 4 Rs from Facebook advertising gurus which told me to stick with these if I want to take my Facebook marketing to the next level.

These are not just random tips. I’ve tested them myself and results were extraordinary. People got engaged with my content and I felt like a king of the jungle.

Scaling your content – Use the 4 Rs

Creating engaging content is one sure way to fuel conversations and make interactions with the customers. If you want to leverage social media marketing, you need to start with a good team. A good team can maximize their efforts by following the 4 Rs and get the full benefits of social media marketing.


If we look at the stats we can conclude that Google now prefers long content.

SEJ – 1,900 Words
WesFed – 1,600 Words
Buffer – 1,600 Words

Apart from SEO one important benefit that brands can get from long-content is that they can repurpose the content with variation and present it in social media.

On average content, the length should be above 1700 words. The ideal choice for Google to list a page in their search result.

Here are a few of the things which you can do if your content is long:• Make a presentation for your social media channel.

  • Turn blog posts into guides & give it away for free.
  • Take any good blog post and convert it into an infographic.
  • Host a podcast of the blog post.
  • Turn content into videos. Videos generate 300% more traffic & nurture leads.


No need to write different content when you can use the same content with a little bit of variation. If the content is outdated, you can use similar statistics by updating them. If the content is evergreen you can change the intro of the content and share it with the same audience.


No need to use old content when you can use some content and retire the outdated content. No one loves the outdated information. Generally, social media for business is instantaneous. The last nail you need to avoid is appearing out-of-the-loop.


In some of the cases, all your content need is a new design. A fresh look can put help leveraging the content along with the visuals. You can take the existing design and redesign it according to the need of your target market. Create a detailed buyer persona of your brand and redesign keeping them in mind.

Facebook Advertising tips to make the process pain free

  • Facebook groups are not a new thing, but brands have not yet fully utilized its potential. In a group, there is room for companies to lay down their ideas and insights without any filter. Take advantage of the power of Facebook groups. Connect with influencers and show them your product.
  • As more members join-in they get to know about the company. There is no marketing or advertising cost. Facebook groups can be used to foster loyalty, increase traffic, and get the attention of potential customers without spending a dime on marketing.
  • Next in-the-line are landing pages. You can use multiple landing pages to attract a diversified audience. A paid promotion can help you to target specific customers and drive them to landing pages which can help them buy your products.
  • Live video is another feature which was underrated for many years. A real-time video can help brands connect with customers and establish a pure bond. Share the behind-the-scenes making of your product. Confused on how to start? Here is a Facebook Live Video guide for you. Engage the audience with your struggles and successes and people will be built an unforgettable bond with you.
  • The cover photo is one way to gain a lot of attention and make announcements for users. It is the center of attention for old as well as new users. One thing to keep in mind that the cover photo is placed in a certain way. And if you want to promote something ensure that the important information doesn’t get hidden in the sides.

Paid Advertising

Regardless of how many fans you have on your Facebook page if you don’t use paid advertising nothing will reach to the audience if you don’t use Facebook paid to advertise.




Boost a post or run an ad for the new product. The traditional page-per-click model of advertising is used by Facebook to make things easy for advertisers. If you don’t know where to start Facebook advertising try out this excellent guide for busy Entrepreneurs.


With 259 Million users, Twitter is one of the most influential social media platforms to create awareness and engagement across the globe. To master it, there are techniques which you can use to engage users, and build a powerful following:


Start with engaging tweets: Twitter is a fast-phased medium. You must be regular and understand the dynamics of the market. As you tweet, you must mix the tweets with a variety of material. Your posts will get down to the engagement that you’ll create. You can use the 4-1-1 Rule.
A rule designed by Joe Pulizzi states that you should post 4 new tweets, one re-post and one post that you have some personal suggestion or quote.

Built smart Twitter lists: If you want to be serious about engaging people and getting traffic, you need to create lists and start people adding them. When people see that your lists are worthy and are well-organized, people will engage with you and follow you.

Concise Tweets: The limit doesn’t mean that you must use all the space. Tweet short. Post a quote. A link. A joke. The more humorous you’ll be on twitter more people will start following you.

Use #Hashtags: You need something to grab the attention of the users. Hashtags are your way out. If you want more traffic or reach, use hashtags wisely. Search for hashtags and how people are using it. Marketers develop hashtags, you can use these hashtags to support your social campaigns.

Use @Mentions: If you’re posting tweet you need to mention people. If there is a blog, you can share the author handle. If you have something worthy to share, tag the friends who can find it amusing. Mentioning people will help you to allow people to take attention.

Twitter Paid Advertising

When there are tons of users on social media, it’s a great opportunity to reach people and customize the ads so that people will click it. Users will get updates via promoted tweets, promoted trends, and promoted content.

Additionally, Twitter offers website cards which can help create CTA buttons and aim to drive traffic on a specific landing page.

Before you start Googling how to do it, here are some tips:

  • Create Twitter lists for your employees, competitors, influencers, and top followers. You can create a reading list and new ideas lists. The best thing to grab attention is to name your lists in a humorous manner.
  • As mentioned earlier shot tweets will gain more attention. A general rule of thumb is to create a tweet with less than 100 characters.
  • Use hangtags for product announcements, campaigns, and countdown for the product launch. Tweets with just one hashtag have 69% more chances to get a retweet.
  • Engage with users and influencers on a regular basis. Solve a problem for your influencer and they will surely give it back.
  • A tweet with a link in the middle has 83% more chances to retweets than with the one with the link in the end or the start of the tweet.
  • If you want to retweet something. Add your own flavor. If you want to retweet your previous blog, pick a quote from it and tweet with that. After some time, take another quote and tweet that. In this way, you can retweet without boring your fans.
  • You don’t want to overwhelm users with so much text, therefore, you need to add pictures and videos along with the tweets.
  • Another great feature to use as stickers. Use stickers which can create a sense of humor in your tweets.
  • Answer every tweet no matter how small it is. If you start answering questions, people will start engaging. Twitter is an excellent medium to help fans interact with the brand.



Considered as one of the largest professional networks, LinkedIn has the capacity to get your company in the Fortune 500 list. Why? Because there are high-profile people on LinkedIn and if you gain a little attention, you’ll be able to feature your brand in a global magazine.

The network is highly professional so there is not a chance for any fake users. But, of course, you need to learn the basics which can help you connect, engage, and network with people who can help you in the long-run.

Start by Creating your Brand Presence

Companies can build a profile and showcase their products, employee network, upcoming events to all the potential customers.

Much like Facebook and Twitter, people on LinkedIn can follow your brand and all the updates right in their newsfeed. You can even put job postings and hunt the right-fit candidates for your brand.

Not only this, you can encourage all the employees to promote the brand and own the brand on LinkedIn. Leverage the business reach of every professional to join and take part in expanding the network to professional associates.

LinkedIn Paid Advertising

Facebook and Twitter have their own paid advertising benefits. For LinkedIn, you can use sponsored ads to amplify the reach of your status and get more attention.

You can use InMail to send private messages to potential candidates or influencers and share with the products and brand updates of your company.


Some tips to get your brand ahead on LinkedIn

With a strong brand presence, you can leverage various aspects of the social network. Here are some tips which can help you penetrate in the minds of the potential customers.

Start with the profile page: As they say, the first impression is the last impression. If you get your profile page right, you’ll hit the first jackpot. A company profile is a genuine way to market your services, products and company offerings. You can use images, and pdf files to tell customers about your achievement.

Sharing your blogs: You can share your company blogs or write directly on LinkedIn. This will get you to develop a sense of leadership among your followers. And people will come back for more. Post a YouTube video, or add a series of images with all your products. Don’t be too spammy, just keep everything in limits.

Leverage the power of LinkedIn Pulse: If you want to expand your professional network start writing on LinkedIn Pulse. This will not just give you more room to interact with your customers, it will give you more room to grow your professional network. When people will read they will relate to themselves.

To wrap it all up

Social media marketing is not just about showing ads and making users crazy. Social media promotion is all about creating a bond with your customers. A bong which customers can relate. A bond which can help the customers solve their problems without looking anywhere else.

The tips mentioned in this guide are not random, they’re picked by experience and long hours of work. If you’re planning to use these tips, ensure to stay patient and believe that there will be the result. You cannot leave the tips just after a few weeks. Social media asks for consistency.

And if you don’t have patience. Look at all the famous brands. Take some inspiration from those brands. These brands are developed with care and love and time.

Every good thing takes time. You just need to try things which are working for your brand and stick to those things. If you’re able to create a buzz do leave us a comment and we will be happy to assist you more on the matter.

There is no easy way to achieve social media success. You must give time to everything. Do things in parts and measure the outcome.

If the strategy produces results, good. It not, move towards the next tips. There is no limit. You can try as many strategies but yes, you need to learn from every strategy that you use.

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