SEO Packages in Pakistan

We provide seo packages in Pakistan for every business’s search engine viability. Get benefit from our SEO services and let our SEO experts rank your website to the first page of Google. 

  • Guaranteed SEO Results
  • Cost Effective SEO Packages
  • High Quality Backlinks
  • Detailed Reporting
  • White Hat SEO Strategy
  • 4x Your Leads

SEO Packages Pricing 



Keywords to Rank

Keywords Deep Research

Site Analysis (+Responsiveness)

Social Bookmarking

Meta Tags

Duplicate Content Checking

Optimizing Content

Social Media Posting

Press Release

Infographics Submission

Social Media Posting

Deep Audit

Title Tag Optimization

Compitition Deep Analysis

Guest Posting

Social Media Sharing

Google My Business Setup

Social Media Pages Setup

Google Webmaster Setup 

Google Analytics Integration

Basic Package

Rs 25000


3 Keywords 



1 Post on Premium Site

Standard package

Rs 50000


7 Keywords



3 Posts on Premium Sites

professional package



13 Keywords



6 Posts on Premium Sites


SEO Deep Audit

Keyword Research

We do clear-cut keyword research through proven SEO marketing and keyword research tools to get your website ahead of the competition. Now grab the attention of visitors with our help as we optimize your website for long-time organic traffic through on-page SEO research and optimization.

Google Analytics

Get monthly summary of how much visitors you are getting, their source, and how you can benefit from this traffic to improve website rankings. Get SEO packages for a well-rounded analysis of your website using Google Analytics and Search Console. Get forecasts and suggestions about how to amplify your business success.

Google Webmaster Tools Setup

Now control your website’s link structure, disavow spam links to your website and know in advance when your website shows an SEO error. We will set up, manage, and monitor Google Search Console for fluctuations in search rankings, while informing you of future possibilities through link assessment and ranking position.

Bing Webmaster Tools

Bing has seven percent market share of the search engine market. We help set up and monitor Bing webmaster tools so that you know what type of traffic is coming through Bing search engine to your website and how you can get quantifiable leads to improve your business.

Broken Links Finder

We help keep your website in top shape by finding broken links and fixing them so Google crawlers don’t ever see a 404 page on your website and derank it. Improve your site rankings by getting our affordable SEO packages. Get help in finding broken links and replacing them with NEWER and BETTER content.

H1/H2 Tags

Headings matter a lot in SEO. Are you missing them on your website? Even if you are having duplicate headings on your website, it can confuse crawlers. Let us help you build a better and optimized website so you can get a constant stream of traffic to your website from all search engines.

Alt Tags

Don’t just rank for content, rank for images and videos as well with ALT tags to grab more organic real estate. Our affordable SEO packages help you optimize your website by picking alt tags for images and videos and optimizing them to give you an uplift in search engines.


From creation of simple and effective robots.txt files that search engine bots can understand easily, to entering the right piece of code and their submission in search consoles, we take care of all that so your website becomes prominent in searches and gets a foothold in the online world.

XML Sitemap

It is difficult to sustain yourself on search engines, that’s why we offer XML sitemap submission service. Now, whenever you post on your website, the XML feed will automatically notify search engines of the update. Result? You automatically see the results through movement in the search rankings without moving a muscle.

Optimizing Contents

No matter what type of business you have, to conquer the internet landscape you need optimized content on your website. Our cheap SEO packages in pakistan help you do that by adding highly relevant Meta tags, headings, and alt tags so you stay one step ahead of the competitors in search engine.

Google Profile

Do you know Google plus profile links can impact your search rankings? By continuously publishing and sharing content you can rank higher. But there is a catch! You have to have a proper content strategy and an optimized website. With our affordable SEO packages in pakistan, you can have both of them.

Canonical Issues

Having multiple pages with similar content? Fear that search engines may take notice? We are here to solve all your canonical issues by creating canonical tags and linking to content that matters the most. Now, reroute traffic to the right page while still letting similar content exist.

Landing Page Optimization

Create a killing profit by getting a constant organic stream of traffic to your landing pages. Instead of paying thousands, rely on organic traffic by optimizing your landing pages. If you are not good at it, let us do it by getting our affordable SEO packages in pakistan. We analyze, research, and come up with expert ideas to revamp your website.

Call to Action

Dry on words? Trying but not coming up with tantalizing headings that charge up customers? Or, stuck on A/B testing of your website buttons. Don’t worry! Leave the stress to us as we create prolific call to action buttons and texts so your customers can’t resist them.

Image Optimization

Google lets visitors land on your website simply by searching for images. But what if your websites are not optimized for images? You lose potential customers. We help you avoid that by optimizing images on all the pages of your website and letting you get more traffic by ranking for images.

Anchor Text Optimization

Not optimizing anchor text in in-content text can lead to 80 percent less clicks on website pages. With our analysis, you can optimize anchor text for keywords so not only your internal links get more clicks, but they also become more prominent in google searches.

Benefits of Our SEO Packages

Whether you have a business website, a blog, a news website, a social media platform, a web app, or an ecommerce store, you need technical on-page SEO optimization to rank in search engines. Without proper optimization of your website, accomplishing that purpose in impossible.We are a group of digital marketers and SEO experts who are always trying to help small and mid-sized businesses get a footing in the search rankings. We try, experiment, succeed and iterate our methods to get our clients a business edge.

The process of ranking for keywords is fairly simple. Though it has changed a lot in comparison with the past ten years, but basics still count. You need quality content, seo optimization, and lots of backlinks to rank higher for your desired keyword.And with all this, you need a clever strategy and a website that is properly optimized for SEO. Doing all this alone is cumbersome, and most of the people don’t have the expertise to do that. That’s where we SEO experts come to help you rank higher faster.

With our years of experience, combined with the experimentation and learnings that we do on an on-going basis, we are the right fit to take you from 100+ ranking to first page of Google. Learn more about our expertise and cheap SEO packages Pakistan to rank higher locally.

Additional Features

Press Release Submission

While running a promotion or launching a product, you need spread the word among as many people as you can. Press release is one effective formula to get that done. We help you get the word out by promoting your message through submission on PR sites, blogs, and news websites.

Blog Writing & Sharing

Need to stay on top of the trends? Keep a content marketing strategy and stay with it. But if you are too busy to do that, we can do it for you. With our cheap SEO packages in pakistan and action-oriented marketing team, we can devise content strategies to keep your blog alive, while also sharing them in relevant social groups.

SSL & CDN Integration

We help you take your website or ecommerce store to the next level with SSL & CDN integration. SSL certificates not only keep your site secure but also improve trust level of customers. On the other hand, CDN improves performance and decreases load time.

Guest Posting on Premium Sites

Backlinks are the number one indicator of higher rankings. The more quality backlinks a website has, the higher it will rank. Alas, if making them was this easy… but we can help you build high quality backlinks with guest blogging by blogging outreach and networking for guest posts.

Infographic Submission

With internet becoming a dumping ground of images, the only way to keep yourself on top of the trends is by creating infographics and submitting them in directories. With our help, doing all this is not just easy but a breeze.

Content Optimization

Keywords are still relevant. Not having relevant keywords in content isn’t going to bring a stream of traffic to your website. But finding the right keywords and optimizing them in content is a science in itself. Leave that to us!

Social Pages Setup

One way to rank higher in Google searches is by having a social footprint. This is only possible when one has social media pages setup for their business. Our team of experts have managed pages with millions of likes and followers, get our affordable SEO packages today to amplify your success.

Social Media Management/Posting

Worrying about your social media strategy? Don’t know how to bring followers, engage users, and finally turn them into customers? With our affordable SEO packages in pakistan, let us handle all this for you, while you focus on growing your business.

Get Listed On Top Review Sites

Nothing beats traffic coming from top review websites. Getting listed on these sites isn’t a piece of cake. But with SEO experts like us, you can achieve this feat easily. Get listed, increase traffic, and improve conversions on your store.

Why Choose Us?

While searching for an SEO expert, focus on two things only: Expertise and price. We know this because we were once like you. The internet boom was a fortune opener for us. We never looked back and now help those who need us by improving their businesses and bringing consistent traffic to their websites.

A multitude of SEO agencies are available online. But those that know every nook and cranny of SEO are rare. With our years of experience in SEO and digital marketing, we not only help our customers achieve success but also guide them towards making decisions that eventually save them cost and improve their business.

Currently, in Pakistan, most SEO companies don’t show the complete picture of SEO to their clients. That is one reason businesses are relying more on social paid campaigns to earn revenue then SEO. We aim to double their ROI by providing them a consistent stream of traffic through search engines as well.Check our our affordable SEO packages and get instant help to revamp your business.

Have Questions?

How long will it take to see the results of SEO efforts?

To see your website in search rankings, it needs to first pass through Google sandbox. The sandbox is a feature that distinguishes authentic websites from spam websites. It is of three months at max. Once your site is out of the sandbox and if proper technical SEO is in place, you will see your website rank for your desired keywords. The initial rankings may be in 80s or 90s but this is a decent start for a beginner website.

How many keywords and links do I need to rank for a keyword?

It depends on the type of keyword. Sometimes only a few links are enough to get a website to the first page. And, sometimes not even 10 high DA links can help in rankings. We have to check the keyword difficulty, your domain age and authority to determine the amount of efforts required. We monitor each keyword on a regular basis and keep making efforts to improve its rankings.

Do you refund if I don’t see change in rankings?

Yes, we usually issue a refund the amount when we have not started working on your project. If we have started working on the SEO project, then we will refund 50 percent of the amount or less – for all SEO packages – depending on the work done by our team.

Are there any hidden costs attached with your service?

We keep all things transparent so our customers stay satisfied. No. there are no hidden costs attached with this or any other service that we offer. In fact, we will use our own tools and won’t ask you to buy any marketing tools. You may have to buy a domain and hosting at your own expense though.

Do I need to buy any premium SEO tools?

In most cases you don’t have to spend anything except what you have spent for buying our service. We usually do the keyword research, competition analysis, and SEO technical audit using the premium tools we have available. We have premium accounts of Moz, Ahref, KWFinder, BuzzSumo, and a few others that we use for all our clients.

What is the guarantee that you will work dedicatedly on my website?

We have designed our affordable SEO packages in a way so that you know firsthand what services we will offer to you. Once you have bought a package for your website, our team will start working on your product or website. If at any time you think that you are not satisfied with the service, you can always ask for a refund.

What is the track record of your company? have you worked with any reputable brands before us?

We have worked with multiple international brands in USA and Canada. Now we are aiming to help our Pakistani clients rank higher. We don’t promise that we are going to take your website to the first page in a month or so. We simply ask you to give us three months and see how much ROI you get.

Can we just carry out SEO campaigns for a few months and then stop?

No. You have to carry out SEO activities on a consistent basis to keep getting traffic from organic searches. If you stop the SEO efforts, your site’s rankings will decline and soon your site will completely disappear from search engines. Even if you switch from one SEO agency to the other, make sure to continue the basic SEO activities i.e. content updating on your site, promotions, and backlinks.

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