Refund Policy

Thanks for choosing Globex IT Solutions. Please read our return and refund policy cautiously.

This official refund and return policy apply to every content ordered and created by you, a client, and produced by Globex IT Solutions after receiving an order from you.

If you are not satisfied with your order, we are here to help.

All customers should carefully read our refund policy before placing their order.

With every order, Globex IT Solutions will consider that you have read and understood this policy, and acknowledge the refund policies outlined here.

Digital Products

Customized and tailored content is a specialty of Globex IT Solutions for every client that we choose to work with. Hence, we don’t have the policy to issue refunds for any digital products.

Refund policy of Globex IT Solutions applies after confirmation and approval of a product and sending the final product to the respective client.

We may give a refund for our negligence and erroneous work, which is impossible. If you notice any problem at work, you should notify us immediately within seven days. Deposits that we will receive on requested work are non-refundable.

It is clearly mentioned in our terms and conditions page for revision applications. For your convenience, details are given below.

Deposits and Fees

If you want us to start your work as soon as possible, you have to pay a 50% deposit due before the commencement of a project.

We need 50% (fifty percent) of the total payable fee as a deposit under our quotes. We can’t proceed with your project before receiving this amount. You are liable to pay the remaining balance immediately after the completion of your work. In this regard, you have to check terms of “rejected work” and “approval of a project” clauses placed below.

Globex IT Solutions has the right to cease every work related to your project until the payment of full deposit.

Remember that the deposit to Globex IT Solutions, to start progress of a writing project in non-refundable. It will remain non-refundable unless we successfully fulfill our duties under the conditions of an agreement.

If a client dismisses the agreement without our fault after the initiation of your work, he/she can’t claim any refund of the security deposit.

Revisions to Work

Of course, you are welcome for revisions of writing projects during their progress phase. A satisfied customer is the top priority of Globex IT Solutions.

Setbacks are significant for us to address immediately. Revision is an essential stage in our projects. During each project, you are allowed to review the writing process for reviews and amendments.

For your satisfaction, we allow you to ask for revisions within seven days after delivery of the completed project.

However, Globex IT Solutions can restrict the number of revisions to a particular number. Furthermore, they can charge for extra revision requests.

It happens only in a specific situation where changes, additions, and revisions requested go beyond the actual design provisions.

Approval of Work

The writing process naturally consists of different phases. Our writers create a draft and ask for your feedback. We allow you to review your work for revisions during its development phases.

You will also get an opportunity to review your project after its completion. Keep it in mind that you have to notify Globex IT Solutions within 7 days of completion to make any changes. After seven days, you can’t reject this project.

The work delivered will be believed to have been accepted. Once the project is directly or indirectly approved, you can’t reject this work afterward.

Now the remaining payment will be due because the project is considered approved and completed.   

Issues of Publishing or Receiving Content

If you face any problem with publishing or receiving content, we suggest you contact us directly.

Globex IT Solutions is always there to solve these issues, such as troubles in downloading or acquiring our products. Keep it in mind that we deliver digital products through internet downloads. Problems are common in these transactions.

If you want an immediate solution to a similar problem, feel free to contact us as soon as possible.

About Globex Writing Services

Globex IT Solutions provide the best content for businesses.

Our writing services include web content writing, technical writing, copywriting, blog writing, article writing, and academic writing. We have a clear return and refund policy because of our best practices for producing quality content. For students, Globex IT Solutions has special offers. With affordable pricing and 100% unique content, we are proudly serving thousands of students and businesses. We help students to develop their writing skills for their future projects.

When you purchase our services, we will need some personal details, such as email address, address, and name. Globex IT Solutions will not disclose your personal information to any third party.

Our refund policy, terms and conditions, and privacy policy become an expression of confidence in our business. We strictly follow this policy because of our top quality products and services.   

We have some boundaries for revision and approval of projects. We expect you to respect our boundaries instead of asking for unlimited revisions. Globex IT Solutions stands firmly behind its products and your satisfaction. Our experts deal with your refund request to decide after evaluating each situation.

However, you can’t claim any refund on 50% advanced deposit needed for the commencement of a project. 

Globex IT Solutions is not responsible for any misuse of content. Before placing an order with us, you are advised to read terms and conditions carefully. It will help us to develop strong relations for future projects.


  • Digital Products: These are intangible assets available in the form of media. These can be distributed and sold repeatedly in the form of downloadable, templates, e-books, PDFs, plug-ins, streamable files, etc.
  • Non-refundable Deposit: An amount paid is not returnable or refundable in any situations. It is a part of the total fee of a project as an advanced payment. Business is allowed to do this with fair terms in a contract. You can’t claim this deposit even after terminating the agreement without any fault by your service provider.

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