How to Make Money Online in 2019 – 20+ Sure Short Ways

You’ve managed everything!

You’ve managed everything under God’s big, blue and limitless sky.

You were a good man or woman, you get a good man or woman and you both decided to tie the knot.

Then after a lot of fussing, cussing and wait, you got a baby just as ugly as your inner-self.

You’ve got everything that you ever wanted except one: greens. You do not know how to make money – let alone how to make money online.

You have a job that you hate and curse every single day – you got a boss who hates and curses you even more because you’re good for nothing – and if for the peanuts he pays, he could get someone much better than you, he would have fired you already.

Well, before you decide to kick the bucket on your own and commit suicide, give a read to this guide.

In this freelancing guide, you will find 20+ sure shot ways to start earning money online.

So what are you waiting for? Pick the niche that you are most familiar with, choose the skill that you already have or you can easily acquire (because you have a basic understanding) and invest your time and efforts to get the best results.

Make Money with E-commerce

I bet that if you’re a 21st-century human being just like me and millions of others, you must know about e-commerce.

You have heard about it a lot. You have read a few blog posts or articles in a lunch break or with your evening tea.

You might even have someone in your extended in-laws – a cousin that your wife hates because he turned down her parents’ proposal (Pakistani issues 😉 – because he was earning too good for her.

And most probably your wife or you yourself bought something online – if not for the two of you, for your kid.

That’s all what e-commerce is. People sell items online and make money.

There are two ways to do this:


This is the traditional approach to selling. You acquire a space e.g. warehouse, you spend a lot of money to store items related to your niche e.g. children clothing and accessories, you find customers and you sell your items.


Inventory comes with a lot of issues (I’m not denying its perks e.g. immediate delivery and immediate cash in return). For example, you have to buy all the items without securing any orders for them. Also, you have to pay the rent of the warehouse or shop etc.

This is where drop-shipping comes to rescue. What is drop shipping? In simple words, in this model, you secure the order, get money from the customer and place the order on online marketplaces like AliExpress or other suppliers.

You pay money only when you get money from a customer. You enter their address in the purchased item’s address box and the item is directly shipped to the customer.

Shopify is all about drop-shipping and on its blog you can learn a lot. In Pakistan, Facebook pages like HaniaKidsClothing following this business model.

Amazon Affiliate Blog

Just recently a young Pakistani man: Luqman Khan sold his big and very famous Amazon affiliate blog at a whopping 60 million PKR.


Well, you are not alone. A lot of people do not know how affiliate bloggers make too much money by simply reviewing products listed on (roughly 90%) Amazon and (10%) other websites.

Here’s all you need to do to be a millionaire following this model.

  • Get some basic know-how about basic WordPress, basic design and content. This will hardly take a month if you pay serious attention.
  • Go to and buy a domain name relevant to reviews niche or top ten or tech etc. For example, (Boy do I love alliteration!)
  • Get hosting from Cloudways or other good hosting providers.
  • Get a good WordPress theme for reviews e.g. Aspire Pro. It is always good to buy it, but if you do not afford, go to Facebook, search Bloggers Funda and join the Group. In Group Search find Aspire Pro and you will find it’s a file or some other good theme.
  • Depending on your budget decide the gigs that you will do yourself and those that you have to get done from freelancers. If you write good, you do the content writing, you learn SEO and you leave design job to cheap Fiverr freelancers just like Luqman Khan did.
  • Once everything is ready, it is time to make the website. Follow simple design like and it would not take longer than a day.
  • Now you’re ready to line up product reviews and make money every time a visitor buys something from Amazon.
  • All you have to do is pick the most famous and wanted products e.g. electric shavers, Wi-Fi routers, and backpacks etc., make a list of Top Ten ….. and write a detailed review.
  • In case of Amazon Affiliate Program earning model, your reviews need to be bigger. Bigger reviews get more attention from Google as well as visitors.
  • Amazon pays roughly 10% of the total value of the product that is purchased by a customer who came to Amazon from your link. Every time a user clicks on an Amazon product listing’s link, a cookie is generated for 24 to 90 hours and if the visitor buys any product (not necessarily the one that they clicked), you will get 10% of the value of that product as a commission.
  • The key is not to line up the reviews of most famous and highly required products with value at least $100. Keep in your mind that your job is to create a cookie and if a customer buys anything within that window you get paid. So, a visitor who clicked on a $20 beard comb’s link may go to Amazon and end up buying a $3,000 massage chair. You would not get 10% of $20, but 10% of actual purchase: $3,000.
  • Also, doing something unique is the key to success. is not an Amazon reviews website. They have Amazon product snippets with catchy descriptions and links to those products; do you know how much they make per month? It’s more than $40,000 per month.

Graphic Design Service

One of the most important gigs that a brand or a website needs is design: graphic design. Let us start with a logo.

What is a logo? A logo is one of the most important graphic design gigs and if you have earned enough fame in this business, the amount that you can charge for a big company’s logo is simply unlimited.

Apple’s products do not have “Apple” inscribed on the back. There is nothing, but a logo: an apple with a bite on it.


You can get into graphic design niche. A logo is only one of the gigs in this niche. Let me introduce you to Pakistan’s second Fiverr super seller and one of many top-rated sellers: Nouman Saeed Mirza.

His story is really very motivating because he started from the scratch and he didn’t ever dive so deeper to get his chunk.

He made his own house, bought a car and most importantly acquired a living for his family, all from selling the business card and stationery design on Fiverr.

Here is what you need to do in order to get your “graphic legs” and start making cha-ching.

  • You should do this only if you have an interest in data visualization or graphic design or similar gigs.
  • If you just have interest and only minor know-how of Photoshop or Illustrator (the magic tools that put a Morgan Freeman head on a Kate Winslet body), you should first get better training. Udemy ( is the best place if you afford to pay to learn, but if you’re broke, you can learn from free tutorials on YouTube.
  • Choose your gig/sub-niche. For example, if graphic design is what you want to do to make money online, you need to narrow down and pick a sub-niche e.g. stationery design, banner design, avatar/cartoon, logo design and then in logo you get to choose the type of logos that you do the best e.g. monogram logo or vintage logo or 3D logo etc.
  • Now, that you have got the chops and you have everything that you need to make a career in a certain niche of graphic design, there arises a much bigger question: where to sell your services.


There are many ways to do this. For example, you can give a shot to a forum made only for graphic designers and their clients.


Everyone does not get a shot on this website so you might want to try an online marketplace like or


My personal favorite way to get work while doing freelancing is Personal Branding. If you do not know what a Personal Brand is, you should think of Suzuki, Chanel, Michael Jordan etc.

All of them are examples of personal branding. When you make your own website, develop your brand and find out clients via marketing, you always get a better rate for your services.

Amazon FBA

Yes, I know:

I have already covered e-commerce. However, selling on your own website or Facebook page and selling on Amazon with Amazon FBA (fulfillment by Amazon) is entirely another thing.

Let me say the same about eBay and companies like Etsy.

While selling on your Shopify Store or Website or Facebook page gives you 100% freedom, let us admit that most of us fail to make it to monetary success.

To the contrary, you’d hate from the core of your guts as to how Amazon and eBay will control you and bind you with this and that rule and thus render you unable to do much, but, the YUGE customer base that you find on Amazon or eBay is simply unparalleled.

Here is a piece of evidence ( that you can easily make $1,000 in a month by selling through Amazon FBA.

As a matter of fact, I know people who hit $3,000 to 5,000 figure.

Here is how you do it:

  • Find out the items that sell – This part is easy. Just go to Amazon and narrow down the niche that you want to deal in e.g. food scales. Next what you have to do is to find out the products that get a decent number of customers. If you find out a few scales with 300+ customers or 200+ customers at least, it means stakes are high, but so is the profit. This is the niche that you should go for.
  • Find the items that people need regularly – Don’t get into something like LED TVs. Nothing wrong about them and people are making a hell lot of money, but how often one needs a TV? Sell T-shirts, sell jewelry, sell toys and stuff that people buy regularly.
  • Understand FBA – Fulfillment by Amazon means that you will send your products to Amazon’s warehouse in the target country and then whenever you will receive an order it’ll be Amazon’s headache to deliver the merch and take care of everything e.g. rejection and sending back the new item to the customer etc.

FBA takes a lot of worries away and reduces the risk of you getting restricted from selling on Amazon. All you have to do is send the shipment regularly to keep the inventory from getting empty.

  • Following same rules, but tweaking them a little bit as per the forum rules, you can sell products (resell old products too) and make a lot of money on eBay or Etsy or other online markets.

If $1,000 a month does not make you listen to some birds chirping around you, how about this. This guy resold Nike sneakers, likes of Michael Jordan, on eBay and made $10,000 a month. Nothing, but flipping sneakers brothers!

Coding and Programming Service


My audience is Pakistani. I would not talk about some cool coding chick located in San Francisco, developing and programming websites for a living.

Let us talk about a local example.

This Fiverr top rated seller and the first Fiverr super seller from Pakistan has served thousands of customers and although his skill set is a mix of marketing (YouTube SEO) and WordPress, his strong suit is still WordPress Developing.

Here is how you can make a living out of coding:

  • But I can’t code – Yes, I know. I can hardly use a very little bit of HTML or CSS. Writing code is not piece of cake and single God damned ‘;’ can ruin everything.


There are tons of places where you can learn how to code. You can pay and learn from websites like Udemy and Lynda.


If you do not have enough money to pay for the holier cause of learning code, what you can do is learn to code free of cost from websites like and etc.

  • Remember, when it comes to coding there are simply so many languages and frameworks to confuse you. You should specialize because people would hire a WordPress developing gurus like Aaliyaan instead of someone who is a jack of all programming languages and frameworks.
  • Once you go through the wax on and wax off of coding, and once you have niched down and learned enough about a single language or framework, you can start selling it on Fiverr or Upwork.
  • Another way and a much better way is to either do personal branding and make a website under your name where you will sell your services or go agency. Find a few friends with different coding skills. Now you have a team of people with each of them having the expertise of a certain coding language. Make a company website and start selling services on a larger scale.

Online Trading

Trading of Forex or Stock has been the dream job of many people. However, before the internet, it used to be a Gordon Gekko or Wolf of Wall Street-style trading.

The trading floor, shouting brokers, all different types of noises and voices merging into one big buzzing din and all that, but no more!


The trade can be done over the internet. You can buy and sell stocks as well as Forex over the internet.

Then there comes Crypto. I know, Bitcoin’s rate is down the drain, but let me tell you trading is not dead.

You can go to and see that people are making money by daily trading of Crypto.

Likewise, people are making money by selling stocks at You can buy and sell forex and digital currencies as well.

And there are many such websites on the internet. Now comes the hard part; you have never done stock or forex or crypto trading, how to do it.


It is something totally new and weird. Terms like FUD, Bullish, Bearish, Hodl and Blue Chip stocks etc. would become the reality of your life and candlesticks would be more common than candlelight dinners.

Here is how to cut the learning curve:

  • Difficult Way – You will go through tons of YouTube tutorials, paid courses, free courses, and books etc. to learn how to read the signals and understand the market. Remember, it takes years to develop a good understanding, but for adequate and risk-free trading, you can count on 6 months with full devotion.
  • Easy Way – If you intend to trade on eToro, you can make use of this detailed guide on how to trade on eToro.

Remember, the best part about trading online is that you do not need to reserve a spot on a trading floor e.g. local stock exchange, and you can do trading with only a computer and internet connection.

Definitely, a starting capital of roughly PKR 30,000 is a must.

Teaching & Training


You might not believe it, but there are many people who have made a living by teaching and training over the internet.

Do not even get me started about fake gurus and mentors who sell shitty courses and still make hundreds of thousands of dollars.

I’m talking about those who sell legit courses and tutorials for a living. Since my target audience is from Pakistan, let us (if only for a few minutes) ignore the billion-dollar coaching, mentoring and courses industry and focus on one of many Pakistani guys who nailed it at online teaching and training.

I’m talking about “Online Ustaad” Abdul Wali.

He is one of the few top instructors on Udemy. He has 25 courses listed on Udemy and till this date, he has taught coding, Android game development, and many other courses to over 160,465 students.

There is more than one approach to making money while teaching or training online. Let us take a look at a few possible ways of making money online via training or teaching.

Teach on Lynda or Udemy

Teaching or training at Lynda or Udemy is just like freelancing on Fiverr or Upwork. They take a little bit of whatever you earn (Udemy takes only 3% in case where course’s purchase is made using the Instructor Coupon, and it takes 50% when you do not bring your own customers but you always sell your coaching to Udemy’s users.

How to do it? Well, there are certain tricks of the trade, let us talk about them:

  • First of all, you need to register which is an easy step.
  • Then comes the time to make video courses. A course can have just as many videos as you want.
  • Make sure that you appear in all the lectures of that course. People tend to trust more on those who appear themselves in their videos than those who always remain behind the camera.
  • Make sure to make one free course. That free course will work as the bait and bring you more and more customers. It is important to make that free course good enough to impress the target audience, so as to make them your customers, but don’t add the most important tricks of the trade to that course. You want to sell those tricks, make a paid course e.g. Advanced Learners Course for SKILL and make money. You will see that many people who enrolled to check your free course would buy your advanced course as well.
  • Copywriting is important. Remember, selling is always about words. Even a God damned picture or a video cannot sell without words. So, take good time to read the descriptions of bestselling courses (because those descriptions played a major role in selling them), and then either write a description with power phrases or hire a copywriter from Fiverr to do so.

Teach on Your Own Website

Have you heard of Amir Iqbal? He is one of the most famous Pakistani SEO and blogging gurus.

He started training SEO when most of the people were not fully aware of the basics of SEO. He did it from and

Where he mostly gets his Pakistani students from is his Facebook Group Pakistani SEO & Bloggers (

This is an example of personal branding and entrepreneurship. You can also do the same. First, establish yourself as an expert of something e.g. digital marketing or Facebook ads only.

Then, once people get to recognize you as an expert on something, you can start selling your course on your website.

However, remember that in case of Fiverr or Udemy etc. you do not have to worry about traffic, it is already there and you just have to impress them and sell them.

In case of your own website, you have to do the marketing as well; otherwise, you can hire an experienced marketer to narrow down target audience and only bring those people to your website who tend to buy courses in your niche.


There is always a catch. In case of Udemy, there was a free course. In case of personal branding and selling model, you can do a webinar.

Webinars are full of crap and only a little valuable information can be found. However, they are the best lead magnets and you can use them to convert visitors into fans and fans into customers.

Content Writing Service

How much do you think a content marketer makes a month? Well, this depends a lot on which pool you decide to cast the line.

You’re a fisher and the clients are fish.

A South-Asian market is a big pool, but you don’t get big fish. Name of the game here is quantity. You have to get a good number of recurring clients and you have to write loads of words to earn well.


Because they pay per word (pathetic) and they hardly pay a few PKR per word (more pathetic) and when you compare that to what US or UK clients pay, you get to know that even a cheap copy/content writer there, earns $120+ for a blog post not longer than 1000 words.


Coming back to the market where we get more customers, number game is not bad. I am one of the most highly paid content writers of Pakistan, if not the most highly paid content writer.

I couldn’t do this without doing a few right things. Here is how you can also do the same.

  • Get some experience – Okay, so my English was pretty good. I had been to call centers, I did Masters in English Language Teaching and I was addicted to watching Hollywood Movies (which by the way added a motherlode of expressions and new words to my lexicon). I decided to give this line of work a shot. I worked on Fiverr for 2.5 years.
  • Next Step – Once you have acquired enough experience, you are fully aware of different niches of commercial writing e.g. copywriting, ad writing, email, and website content etc., now you need to go to personal branding.
  • Make your own website – I didn’t have any website and I got a lot of work from Pakistani and Indian clients. However, there was no consistency. There were dry months and even a few drier months. Then I listened to a friend’s advice and made my own website Now I am known as a very committed and senior content writer. Why? Because I show my commitment to my website. People know that I write content for a living and they think that I must be good at it.
  • Make a funnel – You need to have a proper system to get clients. Let me admit that I do not have any system; because I am stuck with too much work on a daily basis. But you should do this if you need good clients. This can be an email list or Facebook ads, but once you start getting good customers on regular basis, you can always increase the rate and earn more money than the previous quarter.

CPA Affiliate Program

If you have friends who make money online or you read about freelance careers, you must be aware of CPA affiliate method of online earning.

Just like Amazon Affiliate Program, in a Cost Per Action Affiliate Program with MaxBounty or other marketing networks, all you have to do is promote the offers and products of their clients.

Here are the best tricks of doing this:

  • If you do not have enough money for a website, hosting and content etc. go with a broke person’s CPA model.
  • Get membership of a network like CPAlead or PeerFly. It because they easily give membership to inexperienced marketers.
  • Choose your niche. For example, if your niche is Health, choose health products and offers that you can market for. Better find a market with less competition (not health) and still better payouts.
  • Go to Instagram and make an account under the name of the company whose offer you want to market.
  • Use URL shortner to shorten the offer’s link generated only for you and put that link on your profile where it asks for a link.
  • In Description bar write a catchy description about the offer and now you can start earning money with people who will click the link, perform the action e.g. email submission and make you money.
  • But they will not come laughing and dancing unless you do something to invite them. For this purpose, make sure that you find out the time when the target audience hit Instagram. At that time, you will daily upload 3 to 4 to 7 photos highly relevant to your offer and with hashtags relevant to offer, product, service and the company name. This will attract a lot of audiences and you will start making nice money depending on the number of followers.
  • However, if you have enough money to properly play the CPA game, here is what you need to do.
  • Make a website based the niche or sub-niche (even better) that you chose.
  • Find a network like PeerFly. Better yet, go to websites like or and they will help you find the best network working in your niche.
  • Make a landing page for the CPA offer that you want to promote and earn money from. Hire some really good copywriter and designer to do the page.
  • Bring traffic to squeeze page with any funnel that you and your marketing guy can easily manage. This can be email marketing, Facebook ads, PPC or SEO, but you need good enough and approved traffic – people who are not only interested in your niche and offer but those who have a past record of buying such products/services.

A few of these tips were taken from Backlink’s guide on CPA Marketing ( and for the broke person’s CPA marketing techniques, I am thankful to a friend and Bloggers Funda Admin Waqas Javed.

AdSense Earning Model


I know it is not the pre-2010 world and we have got a lot of different earning models. You can get Amazon Affiliate Program membership and you can join a good CPA network with the manager working for you not against you, and you can make 5 to 6 figures earning without having to get AdSense activated on your website.


The matter of fact is that even this day, the worst bad news that a blogger may talk of is of their AdSense getting blocked.


Google does not let you use the same pin for more than one website. Yes, Google AdSense keyword CPC is the lowest for South Asia, let alone Pakistan, and yes, the chances of getting your account disabled are higher than any other case.


The biggest majority of bloggers still use Google AdSense and with certain tricks and hacks, they make enough money.

Here is what you need to do:

  • Make sure that your website gets traffic on those keywords which are neither too easy nor too difficult.
  • Which one is too easy? One that has 20000+ monthly searches but pays per click is hardly a dollar or two.
  • Which one is too hard? One that has a little number of searches and CPC bigger than $10.
  • Most importantly, the difficulty rate of a keyword matters a lot. This can be determined by keyword research tools e.g. SemRush, Ahrefs or free tools such as Keywords Everywhere etc. However, the rating on all those tools would be different (only Google knows how difficult a keyword can be to rank).
  • What you should do is use more of them and you better not trust it to a single tool. Any rating above 0.05 is difficult and 1 is the highest.

How About a YouTube Channel

Let me tell you something.

AdSense is not limited to blogs. You can also get an AdSense Account an Amazon Affiliate Program on your YouTube channel.


In case of many digital entrepreneurs, their YouTube channels proved to be a success much better than their blogs.

The reason is nothing but saturation. The blogosphere is too saturated and even for a benign keyword such as “weed remover” you would have to hustle a lot.

To the contrary, on YouTube, saturation is not that much. Read? Making a good video costs a lot of time, skills and money than writing a blog post.

Here’s a little something for your motivation!

This kid, accompanied by his dad, made $22 million from YouTube by only reviewing toys (

Here is how you should do this:

  • Choose the niche. For example, outdoor gear niche or any niche of your interest with the potential of selling. You can check the main keyword e.g. hiking backpacks and if the monthly search is good enough to show a big user interest, you can make a channel on Hiking Backpacks only or on all Hiking/Camping equipment.
  • Go for Amazon Affiliate Program, because the payouts are bigger. However, also try to get AdSense and some other affiliate networks relevant to niche e.g. REI, Patagonia etc.
  • Keep making user-friendly content like and you will notice the snowball effect. Smaller payouts will grow bigger and bigger will grow biggest you ever noticed.

Subscription Websites

This model is pretty rare in Pakistan or even in South Asia at large. Reason? Herd mentality! Everyone wants to get rich with mentorship, AdSense or Amazon.

You can take advantage of the vacuum and quickly develop a big and robust community of daily visitors who would love your website for all the content and ideas.

This kind of a website demands a typical type of content or products. Here are the reasons why.

  • Basically, this is a niche authority and fun hub type of website where people would come to check out the subscription magazine, content, and products.
  • For example, if you are a man make a manliness blog. Sort of like, men styling and beard club thing. If you are a woman, go for women fashion, clothing and makeup etc. Develop content around it and as soon you develop a community that you think trust your opinion, want to subscribe to a newsletter and even consider buying something from you, move to the next step.
  • Now, that you have a considerably big number of loyal fans that have subscribed to your newsletter and comment on the content on regular basis, move forward to making and selling the product.
  • What should be the product? Well, it can either be a digital e.g. online magazine that they can buy for $2 to $7 roughly or eBooks on the art of manliness or womanliness, or a subscription box etc.
  • What is a subscription box? Well, this is relatively a new entry in the online subscription industry. Once you make people believe that you have the most advanced taste in this industry and for them, you can handpick authentic items that they would appreciate, you can sell them those items.
  • All you have to do is refine the list of subscribers and choose those who’d be willing to buy a surprise subscriber box every month, after every three months or every 6 months. The price of the box can be $5 to $100 depending on the products and niche.
  • However, in Pakistan, the subscription box model will take many years to see some success. So, what you can do is start selling Private Label products. For example, if your target audience is men who want to grow and nurture beards, what you can do is import or manufacture beard nurturing kit and sell it to your subscribers.

Be a Kindle Millionaire

Traditional publishing is dead now. There is no pulse. Publishers are afraid of publishing a book because indie publishing has become a trend.

People write books, they pay someone a few bucks to get the book organized in proper shape and format and then they publish the book on Amazon.

The Kindle Millionaire Club is the club of chosen few writers who made a million+ dollars by writing and publishing their own book on Amazon’s Kindle Store: reserved for digital books, fiction, and poetry.

John Locke is one of those millionaires who first hit a $1Mil club and now he is one of those few sellers who has sold over a million copies of their books, on Kindle (


Go to your laptop, open MS Word and start writing a “how to” eBook, life or business success book or a novel that will one day make you a millionaire.

App Development

Okay, if you are a daily user of certain computer software e.g. Adobe Photoshop and Microsoft Office etc., and you also use many apps on regular basis, you must be aware that the age of software has almost vanished.

It is the time for the apps and even on a computer we are now using browser-based apps or Windows apps or Mac apps.

So, learn the basics of app development from YouTube, Lynda or Udemy and start making apps.

This is one of the most beneficial online businesses. And in case you can use a little motivation, read the rags to riches story of WhatsApp founder ( and invest your blood, sweat, and tears in building a personal brand or company.

SaaS Business

While it is true that age of the software is already at death’s door and apps are the future, there is one industry where software not only survived, but it is also flourishing and it is Software as a Service industry.

What is a Software as a Service? It is the software that you make to lend to another business so it may help its clients. This way, the business that uses your software as a service pays you a hefty license or subscription fees on regular basis.

Google Apps, Dropbox, and their likes are examples of this model. Now, I do not need to tell you where to learn SaaS development and I’ve spoken enough about branding as well.

For your inspiration, here is a case study, and in this, there is a mention of Salesforce ( They took their revenue from $0 to $5.4billion within 13 years.

Digital Marketing or SEO Services

If you’re also someone who confuse digital marketing with SEO, and you cannot decide as to which of them is more important and bigger than the other, let me spill the beans to you.

Digital Marketing is big M. It covers social media, it covers email marketing, it covers SMS marketing and definitely it covers SEO and SEM as well.


In a nutshell, SEO is the part of a whole that we know as Digital Marketing.

The choice is yours. You can broaden the horizon, 10x the efforts, and learning and go for the whole.

Or you can narrow down and offer SEO services only.

The purpose of both of them is to bring more and more traffic to your website and to help you spread brand awareness.

There are numerous free and paid SEO courses. As far as free resources are concerned, you can consult websites like,,,, and etc.


HubSpot offers a good number of free courses and certifications including SEO.

As far as paid courses are concerned, a big number of people who took Brian Dean’s ‘SEO That Works’ praised it.


Depending on your resources, take any course and you’d see that people would be willing to pay the highest possible online work wages to get their website to the first page of Google.

Get Your Content Sponsored

Are you good at writing? Are you bad at writing, but you’re good at research and you follow certain thought processes and cheat sheets that help you produce good content?

If your answer is yes, what you can do is start a blog like

You’d be happy to know that this is owned by a Pakistani young man from Lahore and his earning model seems to be behind the curtains, but apart from AdSense ads, what we can notice is that he is using native ads/sponsored content.

That is, companies pay him to create content around their services or products. Go for this model and you will see that competition is far too less.

Get Creative – Get Wild

There was a time that just for a living I sold web design gig to a few ladies from the USA. My job was to simply make business websites for them.

Those ladies were opposite of a techie so they only wanted a basic WordPress theme and few pages.

One of them also wanted WooCommerce integration and I did it.


This is not the story. They come one by one to me because the first one loved my work and rates. Their niche was paper-made products, paper stamping, and designs and cards etc.

Too much creative for me. And they told me that they were earning well.

The women who bought their guides and kits and projects were those who loved paper stamping items for a hobby and they didn’t sweat shedding nickels on their hobby.

You can build your website around one certain creative hobby e.g. cardboard sculpture and projects etc., gather a public that is interested in it and they earn money by selling tools, guides, and projects themselves. Then sell a course based on cardboard art expertise.

Review Websites & Apps for a Living

How’d you like to earn more than $100 per week? Sounds good right? $400 per month or more if you are willing to learn the ropes and invest your time in it, is more than the starting salary in almost all professions.

All you have to do is to have an internet connection, a computer, and a PayPal account. The PayPal account is not a big problem because you can use the account of a friend or relative.

Then you go to and you sign up for reviewing the websites and apps. All you do is take a look at the video, images, text copy and overall design and feel of a website or app and give an honest review in form of video.

Job did! You get $10 for every 20 to 30 minutes task.

Be an SEO Clerk


This is not about SEO again. We have covered that part. This is about smaller work that SEO guys have to do like maintaining an Excel file and updating it on different occasions and getting data of something etc.

For this purpose, they made this website: and most of the work here is the kind of work that busy marketer and SEO guys do not have time to do.


They outsource the work and minor SEO workers live off of those bread crumbs and leftovers. Not bad! Not bad at all when you know that you are going to learn a lot and earn as well.

A Daily Service Agency

Think about it!

Even the person who has been selling Dahi Bhallay for 10 years has a Facebook page. It is the time of internet and digital presence.

It does not matter if you cannot do something “nerdy” to earn on the internet; you do something that people do off of the internet and make money.

Make a daily service or delivery agency.

For example, make a small team of courier guys: bike couriers. And your aim should be to urgently deliver courier from one to another town in the same city.

Do you want to know how much people pay for urgent delivery?


You can launch a website from where you will take grocery orders from women who don’t have the men of the house to go pick some vegetables and meat, you provide them grocery and charge for services = Cha-ching!


You can launch a repair agency. God knows house maintenance is a tough task. Every month something bad happens. A faucet is leaking, LED light needs to be replaced, the water pump needs to be repaired … so on and so forth.

Men of the house are busy earning money. Why won’t the women or those busy men call you and ask to send someone to FIX IT! You can’t imagine how much money you can make out of it. Just make a website and market it.


As you have noticed!

Making free money online is not an issue – at times you do not even need to choose from freelance careers.

The problem is with the attitude. People do not know that even in case of our dear country, they can make money online in Pakistan without any investment.

You do not have money, get into freelancing and keep working until you have it for next big move.

If you are in a hurry, find someone who has money but does not have skills. Partner with them and start something cool and big.

Even the best-earning sites mentioned in this list wouldn’t work for you if you do not know as to what you want to be in your professional life and what is your strategy to do so.

It is possible to earn money online in Pakistan for students if they dedicate a little time for learning and earning. It is all about your attitude, your commitment, and your strategy.

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