How to Double Your Sales through SEO in 2019?

double your sales

Isn’t this amazing?

You have two overlords to please: Google search bots and the visitors.

And yet:

You do not have to have two different strategies to please them. All you need is a good campaign of SEO Marketing in 2019, and you can walk out the casino with your pockets full of solid cash.

Let me tell you:

It does not matter whether you sell products or services, all you need to do is to properly market them through an extensive and all-inclusive SEO campaign and you’ll forget Black Jack.

And this is all we are going to explore in this blog post.

Someone said that if we can measure something, we can manage it as well.

Well, in this detailed guide to doubling the sales through SEO, you will find out the ways to manage a big success that you failed to achieve in 2018.


What is the link between money and the SEM practices in 2019?

First of all take a look at this graph which shows search engine marketing trends in Pakistan.


More importantly, how applying better SEO strategies in 2019 can double the revenue of your e-commerce business or services?  You can get help from a well authorized free SEO training guide to get rank in no time.


In this study on maximizing revenues with SEO, we will take a look at out of the box SEO techniques that you can use in 2019 to go from Oh No! to Oh Yes.


‘Out of Stock Pages’

Making money is linked with SEO if you have a business online, or you want a robust presence for your offline business. This technique is less about making money and more about SEO.



If you apply this technique to your eCommerce website, your SEO ranking will remain better, and you will get a good foothold to start from.

The ‘Out of Stock Pages’ are the pages of the products that we no longer have in stock – all of us know this.


It gets problematic when you delete those pages or as Yoast would suggest, redirect them to other relevant products.

If you intend to have that product back in the stock, you must keep those pages alive. Why? It is because Google’s bots make an index of every page and with the passage of time (and definitely with good SEO practices) that page win a better place in the ranking.

Deleting that page or redirecting to other pages would impact the quality and ranking of that page. If you want to start selling immediately you restock that particular product, do not redirect the page, but invest in your page in terms of SEO

And yes:

Make a “Notify Me When It is in Stock” Form entry on your page and let the interested prospects know that the product is back.

Claude Hopkins, copywriting and marketing genius, believed that curiosity is a big psychological trigger that make people buy stuff that they might not even needed.

Get A Good Copywriter to Write Descriptions

SEO sales tips!

You noticed I talked about Claude Hopkins. He was a big believer in copy that uses emotional triggers to convert leads into sales.


There is another good copywriter and marketer – SEO expert Neil Patel. He thinks that emotional marketing is the best marketing approach, especially when it comes to selling products on Facebook


Get a good copywriter to write the descriptions of your products. Now you just want to know what it has to do with products?


We are not talking about the FB ads!

You will get these descriptions on your website and that good copywriter will make sure to apply good SEO practices e.g. one focus keyword and many similar words + one emotional trigger per each description.

Story Sells but SEO Story Excels

Do you know Ben Malol – he is one of the most successful Facebook marketing and ad writing experts.


He believes that everything else just tells and it is only stories that sell.

How is this relevant to your making 2x money with the help of website marketing? Let me explain.

Brian Dean explained 200 website ranking factors. A few of those are directly linked with the quality of design and copy that you have on your website.

Take the bounce rate, for example. Lesser the bounce rate, higher will be the ranking of your website.

This can be made possible with a copy that is really engaging and with equally captivating graphics/videos.

With all the keywords used in the right places and high-quality content on your website, you can sell more.

How? Because of reduced bounce rate, Google will rank your website on top and because of story-based copy, you will convert more and more visitors into customers.

Improvement in Content Structure

You must have noticed a few people praising how their websites got more hits after they adopted a silo structure. Well:

A silo structure is actually aimed at making it easy for the users as well as search bots to find the content on your website.

You must improve your site’s structure irrespective of whether you go for silo structure or some other. Guys at Yoast believe that improving the structure of your website can lead to better Google ranking.


Wait a second … this guy is telling us how to rank higher, but now how to make double money with SEO!


Let me get this straight! Ranking is money. People Google for something and your website shows on the top – this is all what making money takes.

Experts believe that ecommerce sites are the most messed up websites with a lot of 404s and similar problems.


Your eCommerce website is not only pushing search engine bots away from it, but also the customers who try to find a USB cable in Cell Phone Accessories and fail to do so because USB cables are categorized as Electronics > Computers & Accessories.

The day you will transform your website into a store where customers and search engine bots will easily find all content entries, you will start making good money.

A Properly Structure Blog

A properly structured blog is one of the most important things that you can do for your website and to increase your current earning to 2X in 2019.


After you find some good SEO services in Lahore, ask them if they will hook you up with a writer as well. If they don’t, write it yourself (only if you run an online business from home).

In case you have a proper office, you may hire an in-house writer or two or more.

Now listen close:

Structure is the key to success here. Get the most search keywords relevant to your products. For example, if you sell artificial jewelry, go for best artificial [necklace/ring/earrings] of 2019 or similar keywords.


Make a blog post around 10 best items of same nature (e.g. 10 best mobile phone covers), and give links to 10 best covers featured on your website and then write 10 different posts on each of those mobile phone covers.


It’ll be like this:

You have 10 best mobile phone covers of the same type and they are branded e.g. Mofi, make a top ten post and give links to each of these 10 covers and then take each cover separately – write a review on it.

So from product’s posting page to 10 best post to review on each cover, you’ll have to make a lot of interlinks to pass link juice from reviews to 10 best and from 10 best to the posting.

Optimization for Cell Phones

As per a research 60%+ searches come from mobile devices. Same is the number of people who use cell phones to use the internet. companies



There are more than 1 good reason why you should make your website fully responsive to cell phones and tablets.

Here are these right reasons:

  • Google’s ranking factors – Google would prefer a mobile optimized website to one that is not optimized for mobile phones
  • Google/Bing Search – People are searching for what you sell, and guess what, they search for it over their cell phones. So, if they search for cell phone covers and your website does not appear on top (because of irresponsive design), you will lose business to those who have better design.


Local SEO

If you haven’t been doing local SEO then believe you me that you have deprived yourself of a big chunk of money that you could easily get.

What is local SEO?


It is all about outreach. Common SEO makes your outreach, global and Local SEO makes sure that you dominate in the local searches.


For example, if your store is selling fidget spinners in Lahore and you have not optimized the page for local SEO, a potential customer searching for “fidget spinner in Lahore” will never see your website and your cunning competitors will beat you to expanding the reach.

Local SEO depends on a few important factors:

  • Optimize your page with localized keywords e.g. adding name of the place after keyword i.e. used cell phones in Karachi
  • Google My Business page set up
  • Get your business and details e.g. website, address, phone number, email etc. listed in Yellow Pages or similar directories
  • Reviews from genuine clients and customers also do a lot for any products or services business.


Now we know a lot about localized keywords and Google My Business is actually just another product of Google that lets your business to show up in local search e.g. “designer in my area”.


The trickiest job here is to get genuine reviews that will show in your local listing and Google My Business Listing as well.


The last thing on your list is to use paid reviews for your business. This is not a valid idea and any malpractice reported to Google may end up in getting your website blacklisted.


O yeah! Now you know why I said that this should be the last thing on your list.

Anyways, don’t fret because there are good ways to get 100% genuine and authentic reviews. Take a look at possible ways to get unquestionable local reviews:

  • First few reviews can be from loyal friends and family.

Definitely, it is not a morally recommended practice, these reviews will still be from the people that Google does not know as review sellers.

Also, being close to you, they have a better position to know and comment on the product.

  • Ask from the satisfied customers.

There are three types of customers that you will see a lot. NCNS – They are no call no show customers. They buy stuff and they disappear without giving any good or bad reviews.

Then there are those who would only give bad reviews – the hard to satisfy ones.

And then, come the customers who love your products, your professional ethics and basically everything about your business.


You need to go through your chats, emails and basically every archive where you may find a good review left by such customers and ask them to review you on Google My Business and other local listings.


If you again feel like asking how this would double your income in 2019, let me remind you that Google search bar is not ATM machine and you do not have any card to make it spit just as many greens as you want.

The way to make money is only to up your SEO game until you really start making enough cha-Ching, and SEO is a big mammoth to surround. (Ice Age reference, huh?)


Do you know something about Tulip Bubble also known as Tulip Mania? It was mentioned in the famous movie Wall Street: Money Never Sleeps.


In short, back in early 1600s, during the Dutch Global Age, a trend went mad just like hay fire. People all of sudden happened to love new bulbs of Tulips and the prices for the same went sky high.


So much so that people barter-traded their homes for Tulip bulbs because they were considered so special and precious.

It was just like this date’s Bitcoin madness. Just like Bitcoin, this trend had no actual financial basis to support it and soon it worn off, leaving many people without their homes or bankrupt.

Trends make or break people and smarter are those who enter the market at the right time, capitalize on the trend, make some big and quick money and then leave it for another bubble.

Take fidget spinner as an example. Just a year or two ago, they were so high in demand that many Facebook marketers and Shopify store owners made big money selling those pathetic and cheap items to masses.

Ben Malol says that this was a failed product and what made it a trend was a marketing agency that used a story to tell them and stats to prove that they were needed in mental growth of children.


Cut it to chase, we need some big trends and if there aren’t many trends, we need to make them.

What does SEO have to do with trends? Well, trends are linked with SEO. If you go to Google search and search “oreo dipper”, Google will suggest some keywords e.g. “oreo dipper set”, “oreo dipper cup” and “oreo dipper spoon” etc.

These keywords let you know how big is the span of a trend. Let us apply the same example to the services e.g. “family lawyer”. Google would suggest “family lawyer near me” as one of the top searches.

This brings us back to square one – local SEO.


The point is to learn the most highly searched keywords relevant to your trend and use them:

  • In hashtags on Facebook, Twitter and other channels
  • In SEO title, H1, H2 and Meta Description of pages/posts relevant to the keyword.

To find relevant keywords you can use paid programs and software e.g. SEMRush and Ahrefs as well.

Answer the Question and Become an Authority

In case you’re wondering as to why I am not paying much attention to services, here’s a tip that is solely relevant to services, although this may apply to a few products as well.

Suppose that you offer freelance web development services and you’ve done enough SEO but you’re still not getting much traffic and thus there are not enough revenues.

You should assume the role of an authority on web development and answer the questions of the people who ask questions specifically about your niche.



This is not mental charity and you won’t be wasting your time. Rest assured that this will definitely pay off.

Quora, Fluther, StackExchange and Yahoo Answers are a few websites where hundreds of thousands of people come with their queries and that too almost every day.

Quora alone gets 2 million plus people every day. If you notice the answers given to questions about products or services, you will see that the top answering person will always have a link or two in their post.

You can post your link with a detailed and authentic answer, and people who’d love your authentic answer on your niche, will definitely check your website.

This will bless you in two different ways:

  • Google bots would notice a sudden boost in traffic and will definitely improve your ranking – if only for a few days and a little better than before.
  • People coming from Quora to your website will be only those who are actively associated with your niche. You have really serious chances of converting most of them into customers.

Be Social

You might be thinking that social media is good for business, what it has to do with SEO for business growth and making money?


One of many Google ranking factors is social signals. What are the social signals? Well, your website’s overall share, likes and social media traffic amount to social signals.


Why social signals are so important? Well, they are so important that Brian Dean also considers social media likes and activity as one of his 200 ranking factors of Google search (hyper link

And in case you do not know, in terms of quality time, Facebook has already beat Google. And internet user spends more time on Facebook than Google.

Here are the October, 2018 active users’ stats to show how many people use social media and which social media channel is the best to boost Google rankings.

  • Facebook > 2,234 million users
  • YouTube > 1,900 million users
  • Instagram > 803 million users
  • Twitter > 335 million users
  • LinkedIn > 303 million users
  • Snapchat > 291 million users
  • Pinterest > 250 million users



By the look of these stats, one can easily tell that Facebook alone is enough for your social signals campaign, but if you want a combo of all types of signals coming from all over the social media, just go with combination with Facebook + YouTube + Instagram.

Since YouTube is owned by Google, not only the algorithm is symbolic and you’ll have great ease to rank your videos once you know how Google algorithm works, but you will also enjoy the perks of getting social media traffic from Google’s subsidiary YouTube.


There is no conclusive evidence, but since YouTube is Google’s subsidiary and biggest hub of audio-visual content, Google would prefer a YouTube video over any other website e.g. Vimeo.

And if you get your videos ranked on top, for your keyword, chances are that you will see a barrage of unique and organic traffic.

This brings you back to square one; when Google search bots would find out that you are getting heavy traffic from YouTube, Google will definitely take this into account while establishing your ranking.


Welcome to User Intent SEO

SEO on ecommerce platforms is not much different than that on a services based website.


SEO is a lot different than what it used to be not a long time ago. So forget about nonsense like keywords stuffing, duplicate content and scrapebox backlinks.

These tactics will only harm your website and instead of making money, you will get it blocked by Google. Blacklisted!

With Google’s Rank Brain updates, crap content and keyword stuffing take the bus home and we get to get familiar with the beauty of User Intent SEO.

What is User Intent SEO?



It is what it sounds like. If you want tips to improve your sales, the best of them is to only use transactional keywords.

We have keywords categorized under three main types:

  • informational: what or how?
  • navigational: where?
  • transactional: who?

So, let us assume that you sell a SaaS item. Let us assume that it is a social media traffic handling software.


You’re no coach or mentor. You do not want to educate people about social media handling software, but sell them. At least, your primary keywords should be transactional, because you’re looking forward to close sales.


You cannot use keywords like “how social media management software works” or “what is social media management software”, but you need keywords that will let Google bots know that you mean business.

I’m talking about keywords like “best social media management software”, “buy social media management software” and “social media management software deals).

This kind of keywords are searched by people who are really interested in buying your stuff. So get someone who knows SEO sales techniques better than you or read a lot to learn them.

Use the transactional keywords and you would soon be light years ahead of your competitors.


Long-form Wins!

Are you aware of long-form copy?


You must be aware of it, because every successful blog has this type of content. As the name says it all, it is a blog post or page with content length minimum 1,000 words.

Why long-form copy is so good for SEO? Well, how do you think you found this post.

Oh yes! Copy paste all the words on this post to a word processor and check the word count. This is a long form copy.

What is the success secret of long-from copy?

There are two of them actually:

  • Firstly, Google naturally prefers long and lengthy posts. If you do not believe me, have a look at two SEO and SEO copy geniuses Neild Patel and Brian Dean’s websites (insert links to Neil Patel and Brian Dean’s websites).
  • Secondly and lastly, in a long-form post you get to use more keywords at a better keywords density. In a 500 words most, you would hardly add 3 focus keywords and roughly 5 to 8 variations. That’s maximum. In a 4,000 words long post … well you can do the math.


When Google bots would crawl that page or post they would say, “Hey, this is a long post which means they know their stuff and people interested in their niche must get a chance to notice this website.”

And then, they will notice that your page is highly relevant to the product or service that you sell. Why? Because all important keywords and their LSI (Latent Semantic Indexing) variations are there and used more than once (organically … no stuffing).

This will get you a better position on SERPs and a better position on search engine result page means more money. Cha-Ching!

Diversify the Content

Let us admit:

When we say content we mostly mean textual content. Well, let me wake you up. This is 2018 and content has got diversified.

We made a quick shift from lots of photos to at least one video to interactive content.

Make sure that you use interactive videos and photos because Google values this a lot. As a matter of fact, if you do anything phenomenally different than your competitors, Google would love it.


Diversify the content and leave them behind who have poor quality and pathetically formatted textual content with one image and zero video.


Get Rid of Query Parameter URLs

What the heck are those?


Being an avid internet user, I bet that you happen to surf a lot of products and services website in your daily life.

In one or two or more of those trips you must have noticed a few URLs that start with ?= and end wherever they want to end.



Long, meaningless and aimless URLs! You would mostly find them on ecommerce websites.

It is because of that shopping card code that starts to malfunction on some ecommerce website.

The problem starts with Google bots dealing with these aimless URLs as pages that are meant to be crawled and indexed (see AI can still be dumb).


Imagine that Google indexes 15 pages from your website and 15 from your competitor. Three of your URLs are query parameters while none of your competitor’s URLs are empty shots.


Who do you think will win in a race of indexed pages? Definitely not you. You will lose your position because of having query parameters indexed instead of pages with some real content worth.

So you better take care of this by blocking Google bots from indexing such URLs and via hard disallow directives that you can make in robots.txt file.


Importance of SEO for small businesses is far and beyond ranking the website on top. The same ranking that you might look down up, can be realized in solid greens.

As a matter of fact, not too long ago when I was working for a US based packaging company. The SEO guy told me that for a single improvement in ranking – like literally one step forward towards number 1 ranking on Google search page – the business made roughly $10,000 more.

This is why your business needs SEO. So if you want to grow your business, make sure that it is your most important business growth strategy.


Neither the SEO nor the earnings will descend from heaven. It’s an ongoing process and the more you learn and invest in your business, bigger and better will be the SEO and earnings from search engine optimization of your website.

SEO Marketing (2019) is going to be a lot complex and time-taking then it was before. It is not 2010 or before 2010 age.

All stupid, inorganic and haphazardly thought out strategies have been thrown out of the window.

You can only grow every day and earn every day. With slow and steady progress, you can make it to silver lining of your business career.

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