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So exactly what is Digital Marketing? Let’s just say it still involves marketing products and services but in a modern and digital way that is usually carried out on many different online platforms.

The concept of digital marketing is not strange anymore to anyone and yet most people are just exposed to the tip of the iceberg with the vast majority of what happens behind the scenes, actually staying behind the scenes.

Most industry experts now agree to the fact that digital marketing is the future of all marketing and will soon overtake all other conventional forms of it including media, print, and visual display marketing.

Of course, all this hype about modern Digital Marketing Trends has been based on the fact that digital media has taken over all other forms of media and with more and more attention given to it by the casual users, it will only grow to saturate the market in the decades to come.

Are you interested in modern Digital Marketing Strategy that can boost your business in Pakistan or anywhere else in the world?

Top-quality Digital Marketing Companies in Lahore are always well informed with the current trends in the market and have the ability to make your online business avail the best of its digital presence.

Here are some hot current Digital Marketing Trends in Pakistan that are helping businesses make the most out of this new, modern and plentiful medium of marketing:

Paid Marketing Is On the Rise


As effective as Search Engine Optimization (SEO) might have been in the past, the intense competition in various Pakistani markets have given rise to paid marketing.

Facebook Promotion Services and other social media paid campaigns, Google AdWords paid Campaigns and many other forms of paid marketing that bring in boosted traffic are becoming the most discussed topics at business offices.

Are you looking for the best Digital Marketing in Pakistan? Be sure to check out some paid digital marketing service providers who know the right steps needed to be taken in order for your business to become the next Internet sensation.

There Is More to Paid Marketing Than You Think

It can sometimes be very easy to think of paid digital marketing to be easy and something everyone can do on their own. However, that is far from the truth.

Correct Digital Marketing Services in Pakistan guide you towards the right path and achieve convertible traffic from which you can actually get real business or buying leads.

With more and more attention diverting towards paid digital marketing, there is no doubt that we will start seeing more Digital Marketing Jobs in different parts of Pakistan in the times to come as well.

Video Ads


Have you visited any social media platforms recently? If you have not been living under a rock for the past few years, we will go ahead and assume that you have.

As soon as you open your Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Snapchat or any other social media feed, you get bombarded with so many ads, most of which are video ads.

However, the trick is to target the right audiences who will be interested in your video ad content and click on it providing your website with workable traffic.

Video ads might be slightly more expensive than static ads, but their higher price points are justified when businesses gain the rewards they bring.

Right Kind of Video Content Is a Must

Digital Marketing Companies in Pakistan help you plan just the right video content for your video ads. Most of the times shorter, direct and message conveying video content works best for ads.

Be sure to as your service provider for what will be best for your business.



Are you someone who just hates the number of ads that come your way as soon as you jump on social media feeds and open up certain websites or applications on your digital devices?

If you are like us, you have had enough of all those ads and are likely to not pay attention to even a single one. When making purchases, users tend to make some choices on which their buying decisions are based on; these are the actual Micro-Moments.

Despite these moments being very small, yet their implications can be huge. To succeed in micro-moments, digital marketers need to focus on the small information that might lead to big buying decisions from potential buyers.

What Micro-Moments to Focus On?

While browsing different websites on the Internet, users tend to:

  •    Learn about products or services for their requirements
  •    Compare different products and services from different providers
  •    Change their browsing patterns according to their requirements
  •    Make their buying decisions based on what they find.

Once you have your hands on these micro-moments, you can use these to your advantage. As difficult as these might be, micro-moments have become one of the hottest Digital Marketing Trends of the present era.

Native Ads Over Non-Native Ads


Non-native ads have traditionally worked well enough when it comes to digital marketing. However, the new trend in Pakistan involves only native ads.

Multinational businesses used to get away with using their other regional ads on Pakistani Digital Media Marketing platforms. However, with the general user becoming more aware, only native ads seem to work nowadays.

This new trend has made larger brands like certain food and beverage brands or even electronics and automobile brands to shift their ads to the native culture.

Pakistani style of digital ads with traditional backgrounds and foregrounds are now much more visible in the digital domain.

Implications for Marketers

This actually has played out very well for digital markets. They are able to:

  • Create local native ads
  • Show native usage of certain products or services
  • Interest native people into their products or services
  • Boost sales with more direct audience engagement.

Augmented Reality Is on the Rise


Have you walked in any large malls in big cities of Pakistan? If you have, you might have come across many open Augmented Reality sections where they advertise specific products from different brands.

Augmented Reality (AR) is one of the most advanced ways of marketing your products digitally by engaging potential buyers with close to reality demonstrations.

Although, this is performed in the real world and not on any digital platforms, yet the use of digital devices makes it a huge contender in the digital marketing domain. With AR, you can:

  • Show potential buyers realistic demos of your products
  • Boost your brand visibility among real people
  • Make your brand look and feel modern with advanced services

Voice Search Becoming a Norm


Have you seen any of Apple, Samsung or Google ads lately? All this hype about hands-free voice search is finally catching up in Pakistan as well.

With people interacting with their modern smartphones, digital tablets and computing devices that have voice searches enabled in them, people are shifting towards this somewhat new trend of voice searches.

Voice searches are after all very convenient. The ability to just talk to a digital assistant and speak your search phrase instead of having to type each letter in, just plays out great for a lot of people.

This is a wide-spreading phenomenon that is expected to take over all searches in the years to come.

What Can Marketers Do?

Marketers and website owners need to integrate voice searches into their systems.

This might seem like an investment in both time and resources but will pay off rather quickly as more and more people shift their trend of searching on the Internet to voice.

Search Patterns – Long Tail Keywords

long tail searches

Search patterns in Pakistan are changing. Where people traditionally used to the only search for direct keywords, the modern trend has people searching for whole phrases or long-tail keywords.

These long-tail keywords are basically extensions of short keywords with added questions, phrases or words in them.

Have you searched for your favorite pair of sunglasses on Google lately? You are more likely to search for “Aviator Green Ray-Ban Sunglasses in Pakistan” rather than just going for “Ray-Ban in Pakistan”.

This has largely to do with the general people becoming more aware of products and services from different brands and service providers.

How to Get Top Results?

If you wish to get hit by searches a lot, including long-tail keywords in your digital marketing campaign is necessary. You will need to optimize most commonly used long-tail keywords for your types of businesses and aim to appear at top spots in Google searches and also be ranked highly for them on Google AdWords campaigns and Social Media campaigns as well.

User Experience Matters

What are your top priorities when it comes to surfing a website and going through its various tabs and pages? Easy navigation and enjoyable user experience should rank among the top spots for practically everyone.

The user experience on any website or webpage defines how easy it is for users to find what they are looking for without getting tangled in all the tabs and pages including the vast amount of content on it.

This shift in trend is affecting how websites look and feel. Besides, search engines also have crawlers that identify how good the user experience is on any given website or webpage.

This user experience score also contributes to search rankings and is a win-win situation when done right.

How to Improve Your User Experience?

To improve your user experience, you may have to re-design your website completely if it was not done right in the first place. Some important contributors are:

  • The content arrangement on pages
  • Keyword identification and usage in content
  • Keyword optimization throughout the website
  • Internal linking of different pages
  • Easy to find information with search tabs for the website

Focus on Mobile Searches


What device you mostly use to search for information that you need in Pakistan? 2018 is the year mobile searches surpassed desktop searches worldwide; the new trend in Pakistan also has a focus on mobile-first digital marketing. Marketers realize this fact and are now designing their websites and pages for mobile devices separately from their desktop versions.

This new trend in search engine searches is influencing the entire digital marketing strategies for businesses. Facebook Advertisement Services Pakistan has mobile search preferences where mobile users are hit more than desktop users for marketing campaigns.

All social media marketing strategies are being targeted at mobile users with websites being optimized for these devices at the same time.

What You Need to Do

Do you have a business website for your business in any industry? Be sure to have all your pages optimized for mobile devices.

Desktop versions can look funny on mobile devices and have the potential to distract the user’s attention.

Be sure to optimize your website for mobile devices and have important design elements carried from desktop designs onto mobile versions without missing any significant content and information at all.

Influencer Marketing


Think influencer marketing is dead? This is as far from the truth as it possibly can be.

Influencer marketing is a growing trend in Pakistan where new or relatively unknown business websites use already famous ones to market their own products or services.

Look at it this way, if you are unknown, you will stay unknown until someone well known introduces you to new people. Similar behavior is achieved with successful digital influencer marketing in Pakistan.

Influencer marketing includes guest posting, blogging, commenting on famous posts or participating in social media events with your own products and services.

Any powerful partnership that a business can get from someone already established and with a substantial name in the market will work great. Don’t forget to have an influencer-marketing budget in your plan when chalking it all out.

Purposeful Ads for Better Marketing

Gone are the days when you could use any content for your ads in Pakistan. Modern people like to see direct and purposeful ads that influence their buying decisions.

Attractive content for ads generated purposefully is required to create a good image in potential buyers minds. One ad for all is no longer the trend, as marketers need to prepare individual ads for specific products or services.

Imagine having a pair of shoes, jeans and also casual shirts, all crammed in one ad. This just simply doesn’t work anymore. The new trend is to have separate ads for all products and services.

What Can Digital Marketers Do?

Are you thinking about the most effective Digital Marketing Pakistan plans? Be sure to create purposeful ads that keep your campaigns up to date with modern trends of digital marketing in Pakistan.

Even if the initial costs sound much, be sure that they will all pay off in the times to come.

Live Website Chat Leading the Way


Have you browsed a high-quality website lately? Live chat agents are found on many international websites and this trend is now making its way into the Pakistani digital market as well.

Live chat agents are very helpful for users and website visitors as they can just ask any of their queries directly without having to look for the relevant information from all the different pages.

Open up a reputed visa consultant website, they will surely have a live chat agent on their page.

Customers or visitors can interact directly with the live chat agent and have their queries entertained quickly, efficiently and correctly.

You Should Keep In Mind

Live Chat is definitely the new trend in Pakistan, but there are a few factors that you should always keep in check:

  • The live chat agent should be available between the mentioned hours with no exceptions
  • The live chat agent should be very well trained with all your products and services
  • The live chat agent should be able to answer all queries asked without wasting much time of users
  • The live chat agent must guide users in the right direction regarding your products or services.
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