You’ve managed everything! You’ve managed everything under God’s big, blue and limitless sky. You were a good man or woman, you get a good man or woman and you both decided to tie the knot. Then after a lot of fussing, cussing and wait, you got a baby just as ugly as your inner-self. You’ve...
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Around 30 percent of the workforce in developing countries is freelancing in 2018. This figure will grow to more than 50 percent by 2025. What does it show us? It shows that almost 30 percent of people or everyone in three people is freelancing successfully online. They are earning between a mere $100 per month...
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social media
One of the biggest human weakness is being impatient. We prefer speed dating, like fast foods, use emojis instead of words, pay overnight shipping, and show everything on social media without thinking what the end outcome is. Won’t it be amazing to leave an impact on 3.3B social media users? The world is moving forward...
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double your sales
Isn’t this amazing? You have two overlords to please: Google search bots and the visitors. And yet: You do not have to have two different strategies to please them. All you need is a good campaign of SEO Marketing in 2019, and you can walk out the casino with your pockets full of solid cash....
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seo expert
  Traffic is the currency of the digital age. Simply put, if your website isn’t properly optimized for the search engine, it isn’t going to get more traffic. And, when it doesn’t get more traffic you know what happens. Phoof! You can’t make money. As an SEO expert, one of the first things I advise...
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