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  • Drive Targeted traffic Towards your Business
  • Increase Your Brand awareness and Credibility
  • Let Others Know about your Latest Offers
  • Get better Return On Investment (ROI)
  • Better Relationship With your Clients
  • Creates a buzz on the Internet

Social Media Optimization Services

It is believed that 80% of the people who use the internet have logged in to at least one social media platform. This means you can get access to 80% of the internet users just by being on social media, highlighting the importance to enjoy our best social media optimization services in Pakistan and start trending on social media platforms.

At Globex IT Solutions, we’re a full-service SMO agency offering a full lineup of SMO services for your business. We help businesses connect with their customers through social media, creating fresh, dynamic content that is easily shared across social media platforms. We help generate buzz!

Our Strategy


We’ll help you to define your target audience so we know who we are aiming to please.


What social media platforms are they using? How do they use them? We’ll find out for you.


We’ll devise a plan of attack to capture the attention of that target demographic for you.


We’ll find out what’s working and what isn’t, and develop a plan to keep things moving upwards! 

Firm Grip

We’ll stay on top of the changing social media world, and create new opportunities to increase exposure.


We’ll engage your audience and keep them talking about your business in all the best ways!

Stay Focused

We’ll keep updated on changes in the social media landscape and change our approach to keep up.


We’ll listen to what your audience needs, and change up our approach to give them what they want!

SMO Platforms


Facebook is an enormously popular social media outlet, one that is used multiple times a day by millions of people. That’s a pretty deep potential customer base! Our SMO services will help you tap into the powerful marketing potential that Facebook offers, allowing you to reach and expand your target audience.

One of the best things about Facebook is that it’s already a part of so many people’s daily routines already. So, marketing to those users isn’t about trying to alter their behaviors, it’s about using what they already do to your advantage.

Facebook users can visit your page, interact with the content, share it, like it, tag friends and colleagues who might be interested, and even click straight through to your website from your Facebook page. As you can see, Facebook can be a very powerful way to market your business if you know what you are doing. We’ll show you how to do it the right wayte.


Twitter is another powerful force in your SMO campaign. Have you tapped into the enormous potential that Twitter offers? If not, we can help. Twitter is all about outgoing messages – short, to-the-point As a website owner, you can use that to your advantage in a big way.

It’s the best way to conduct quick, easy-to-manage conversations with your target audience. That’s a very valuable thing in our busy lives, when time is of the essence. To be effective in marketing yourself on Twitter, you need to get people to retweet you and to start a conversation about your business.

For many people, Twitter is the best social media site out there for your business because of the immediacy of the messaging it offers and the fact that it can be used to generate traffic from other social sites. Search engines take notice of Twitter marketing, too. Confused? Don’t worry. We can show you how that works.

Google Plus

Google+ is a powerful promotional tool, but it can be a challenge to get some traction with this media. Google + is a constantly changing social media platform, which can make it challenging for those without experience to keep up.

But we can show you how to harness the power of this medium to gain exposure for your website. There are lots of reasons why this an important part of many companies’ marketing campaigns. First, it allows you to make connects with a new demographic. It also allows you to drive my traffic to your blog and improve the optimization of it.

Google+ accounts are also becoming better and better positioned in the search engines results, too. What’s more, through Google Hangouts, you can connect with people in your industry round the world or around the corner. Our SMO services will help you to take full advantage of all of the benefits that using Google+ to promote your business has to offer.

Linked In

Linkedin is one of the most influential social media platforms, unlike other social media websites it has a very professional tone. Many professionals and organizations use it as a handy promotional tool, but as different kinds of social media, it can be very challenging to get even the slightest traction with this media.  Linkedin requires professional help to come into use as a marketing tool. It involves a lot of hard work and expertise to play safe and prosper at the same time on Linkedin.

Here at Global IT Solutions, we can show you how to tame the enormous driving force to promote you and your website professionally. Linkedin is famous among companies and professionals that are serious to prove their metal online and escape the boundaries of the Internet.

You can take leverage of the website authority of Linkedin, and we can help you to come up with content that can help you rank well on Google and other search engines.

Let’s Talk in detail for your Custom Made Order.

SMO Packages

Silver Package

PKR30,000/ MO
  • SMO Profile Creation
  • 1 Keyword for 1 Post
  • 100’s Fb likes
  • 20 Posts per Month
  • 60+ Google Followers
  • 1 Months duration
  • 100’s Twitter follower
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Gold Package

PKR55,000/ MO
  • SMO Profile Creation
  • 1 Keyword for 1 Post
  • 100’s Fb likes
  • 40 Posts per Month
  • 120+ Google Followers
  • 3 Months duration
  • 100’s Twitter follower
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Platinum Package

PKR1,00,000/ MO
  • SMO Profile Creation
  • 1 Keyword for 1 Post
  • 100’s Fb likes
  • 60 Posts per Month
  • 300+ Google Followers
  • 5 Months duration
  • 100’s Twitter follower
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Diamond Package

PKR1,25,000/ MO
  • SMO Profile Creation
  • 1 Keyword for 1 Post
  • 100’s Fb likes
  • 80 Posts per Month
  • 400+ Google Followers
  • 6 Months duration
  • 100’s Twitter follower
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What Our Clients Says?

  • Great Service
    I was always an avid Twitter user, but never for business. Globex opened my eyes to a new world!

    Fabian Hayes
    Owner, Picture Perfect Travel Tours
  • Enhanced Traffic
    I can’t believe how much more traffic we’ve seen since we used your social media optimization services. Wow!

    Betty Westmoreland
    Owner, The world Travel Guide
  • Marketing Exposure
    Facebook and Twitter weren’t even on my radar for marketing opportunities. I can’t believe the difference it has made!

    Scott Lee
    Mind Blowing Photography
  • Exposure to New World
    We were able to leverage our Facebook account to gain exposure for our company, with your help. Thanks!

    Audrey Johnson
    Faxhion Garments
  • Heap of Traffic
    Just by taking advantage of Twitter in our marketing campaign, we saw a huge jump in site traffic!

    William Smalley
    Wilson Arts
  • Social Master
    I had no idea the power my social media accounts could have in generating more business. Thanks, Globex!

    Kristi Johnson
    Hummington Accountants Inc.

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