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We cover all three primary mobile app development platform namely Android, iOS and Windows and give our customers the service experience they deserve and admire with a price tag that is unbeatable in the current market 

Android App Development

Our mobile app development company provides you with everything you need not only to bring your vision for your mobile app to life, but to keep it running smoothly. We give you all of the tools you need to design, implement, and manage your apps for Android, iOS, and Windows devices.


Best Android Development Company

Globex IT Solutions with its vast experience in IT is determined to provide the mobile app market with quality apps at very cost effective prices. Mobile apps are more popular than websites among consumers, and we understand the nitty-gritty of the technology and the business that works behind it. The development of mobile apps can be made for multiple platforms, and Globex IT Solutions provide its services for all three major platforms, Android, iOS and Windows.

There are millions of apps available in the Market, as app developers, we stand out from the competition as we develop quality apps with consistency. You can estimate the popularity of apps from the fact that thousands of apps get released on app stores like Google Play Store and Apple app store with hundreds of billions of downloads every year around the world. It is enough to get you blown away, and we are proud to be a part of it.



Amazing Features

Maintain Relevancy

Easy to upgrade and make changes on the fly to keep your app relevant to your audience.

Offline capabilities

Offering an offline mode to your app adds value for your customer, even when Wi-Fi isn’t available.

Maintain Relevancy

Easy to upgrade and make changes on the fly to keep your app relevant to your audience.

Keep It Simple

When it comes to web app development, we stick to the K.I.S.S. method: Keep It Super Simple!

Prioritize Speed

Your audience doesn’t have time to wait for an app to load. Ours are lightning fast!

Social Media login

Social media integration increases the versatility, convenience, and value of your app for your audience.

Usability First

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Include Analytics

We’ll always keep you in the loop with analytics, so you’ll know what’s working and what isn’t.

Show of your

  • Progressing evolution
  • Concurrence with GDPR standards
  • Focus on lead generating solutions
  • Design Simplicity
  • Advanced connectivity standard
  • Trouble-Free Navigation

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Our Benefits

Globex IT Solutions develops mobile apps that are highly impactful for businesses of all types and sizes. We offer our inexpensive services all across Pakistan and the rest of the world.

Our apps reflect quality and craftsmanship. We cater to all kinds of design and development services that can make a good app idea soar on the app stores. Our impeccable track record in the field of IT speaks for itself.

We design and develop mobile apps that are unique and robust that reflect what our clients and customers and in return their clients and customers want. We combine our artistic approach with unique designs and our unique understanding of the technology to support our clients throughout the development life cycle of the app.


Explain why it’s best


We do lots of things! We provide a full roster of services, including web design and development, mobile app development, search engine optimization, content creation, and more. We can design a custom package of services that meets your company’s needs.


That depends. We offer a variety of services, and the price you’ll pay depends on several factors. Of course, it depends largely on the nature and number of the services you need, the amount of work to be done, etc.


Again, that depends. A simpler design will be less involved than a more complex one, so it stands to reason that the simpler your mobile app design, the quicker the turnaround time. We’ll give you an estimated timeline.

What Clients Say?

  • “Satisfied Clients!”

    Sandra Smith
    Tech Mesh
  • “Easy & Fun.”

    Angela Roy
    Architect at CUBE
  • “Remarkable Style.”

    "Easy & Fun."
    PR at CTA
  • “Super support!”

    Jack Jones
    Manager at TechDream
  • “Awesome design.”

    Melissa James
    CEO at SNAP
  • “Great flexibility.”

    Mark Levine
    PR at CTA

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